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Sally Bee

Sally Bee is a living miracle. At the age of 36 she suffered three massive heart attacks and her husband was told to say his goodbyes. It was a tragedy that became a trigger.

“When I was sent home from hospital after the attacks I was given no positive prognosis for survival at all. I had three young children at home under five years old and mealtimes became so precious. When you think every mealtime with your children may be your last its no surprise how important they become. I also realized very early on that the food I ate effected my health. I ate a Chinese takeaway meal and got admitted back into hospital because the chemicals (MSG) had caused my heart to go into an abnormal rhythm. But when I ate a nutritious and balanced meal with vegetables, potatoes and a little chicken or fish, I found I had a little more energy to walk out to the gate and back. I realized that eating a healthy diet wasn’t about counting calories or just living off green stuff, my body was reacting in a positive to the good nutrients I was feeding it.”

Sally’s experiences led to her developing a series of recipes which she collated into a book that she self-published. It became a best seller and found its way into the kitchen of the White House.




A tasty, low-fat alternative to normal baked spuds! Sally uses Rooster potatoes for it, as their red skin bakes perfectly.