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We’re a family run business with 60 years of experience growing potatoes. We grow a wide variety of specialty potatoes, and our dedication to growing and delivering the best tasting, highest quality potato has made us the UK’s favorite potato grower. And we’re bringing our expertise to America. We’ve been working closely with local US farmers to ensure that you get the great tasting, high quality potatoes we stand for. Try one of our specialty potatoes and you’re guaranteed to spruce up any recipe.


Albert Bartlett & Sons begins supplying beetroot to local stores.
Having invested 30 (pounds) in an old water boiler and cast iron bath, Albert began boiling and packing beetroot in a garden shed outside his Coatbridge home.

Company begins to supply beetroot to the Glasgow Fruit Market
1957 saw our expansion into a local bakery site, on Airdrie’s Watt Street.
A year later, Albert’s son Alex made his first visit to Chatteris, to purchase carrots from the Barnes family. We went on to become the first company in Britain to pack carrots into a “poly” bag.

The company develops and expands its existing factory and takes on new premises.
In 1962 Albert Bartlett & Sons (Airdrie) Ltd was established with Alex and his brother Jimmy also becoming directors. In 1964 a new factory replaced the old bakery on Watt Street. In 1967 we bought premises and land in Lesley, Fife, and we began washing potatoes prior to packing them. In 1968 the Barnes operation in Chatteris was purchased.

A major investment in East Anglia saw the company selling a wider range of root vegetables.
By the time that the 70s arrived, the acquisition of Chatteris was already paying dividends with parsnips and onions firmly established as part of our range of fresh produce. We began to supply supermarket chains most notably Galbraith and Templeton (Allied Suppliers), later becoming Presto then Safeway.

A new generation of Bartletts takes over the running of the company.
Alan Bartlett moves down to Chatteris after seeing its potential, leaving younger brothers Douglas, Ronnie and cousin David to run the Airdrie operation.

As business booms, the production facility at Watt Street was extended and developed.
To cope with the ever increasing sales of Scottish grown potatoes, the company’s production facilities at Watt Street undergo a major reorganization and a new headquarters office building is purchased and equipped.

New ‘state of the art’ premises to be constructed on Stirling Road, Airdrie a short distance from the Watt Street plant.
The company embarks upon its most adventurous development; the creation of what is widely regarded as Europe’s most advanced washing, grading and packing facility. Widely recognized as the best in the industry, it represents a model of environmental protection and sustainability.

Launch of the Albert Bartlett Rooster, the UK’s first branded fresh potato.
The company launches this red-skinned all rounder with packs featuring Michelin starred chef Andrew Fairlie, who was soon joined by Michel Roux Jr of London’s famous Le Gavroche. In a comparatively short time it has risen to become Ireland’s top selling variety and its versatility and delicious taste immediately earn it ‘uber-tuber’ status.

The Albert Bartlett Rooster becomes the first vegetable brand advertised on TV.
Following a successful sponsorship program featuring recipe tips on the satellite channel UK TV FOOD, our star spud features in our “Potato Game’ commercial. It becomes the very first fresh vegetable brand to be advertised on ITV. This was supported by a national advertising press campaign.

Albert Bartlett purchases Lincolnshire-based ‘Naturally Best Potatoes’.
This acquisition widens the company’s grower base in the south of the UK and extends its packing and distribution. We also acquired the rights to the outstandingly successful Vivaldi and Anya varieties.

We begin construction of a ‘state of the art’ packhouse outside St Helier to handle the famous Jersey Royal.
This multi-million investment enables these much prized, early crop potatoes to be washed, hydro cooled and packed within hours of being harvested, enabling them to reach the customer sooner and fresher than ever before.

A new partnership and two new potatoes.Spring saw us teaming up with Disney with a TV advertised on pack promotion offering a chance to attend the world premier of Toy Story 3 and visit the original Disneyland in California. In October we launched the Albert Bartlett Apache and Purple Majesty, the latter being the first purple potato to be widely available in the UK.

Albert Bartlett launches in the Netherlands.
We successfully launched the Albert Bartlett Rooster Potatoes in the Netherlands. Suitably encouraged, we undertook feasibility studies and partnership discussions in France Sweden, Poland, Spain and the Czech Republic as well as Australia and New Zealand.

Albert Bartlett expands into France and the USA.
France followed in the Netherlands footsteps. The American launch of the Rooster brand is also well advanced. A headquarters has been established in the city of Denver and the brand’s initial launch is scheduled for the Autumn. Meanwhile in Britain we launched an American style Russet Potato!

The Rooster becomes available nationwide.
Colorado proves to be prosperous for the Rooster potato variety. Leading to expanding partnerships with farms across the U.S. Albert Bartlett’s celebrated Rooster potato becomes available coast to coast.

Albert Bartlett expands to Canada, new office opens in Colorado.
Albert Bartlett expanded operations north of the border into Canada. Anya, Sundance, and Rooster is successfully harvested from British Columbia to Price Edward Island. Staying true to keeping Albert Bartlett potatoes Homegrown. A U.S. headquarters office is established in the Denver Tech Center of Colorado.